DPP Cup IX - Round 1

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Just a screens of how rat is my opponent and voided to play with me, i had an emergency and i cant play at the scheduled time but i tried to reschedule but my opp just taked the win even if got paired against me with sub xd


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Heads up for anyone who reads this post and called/intends to call activity: if there's no public logs i.e. you didn't schedule via Smogon VMs or didn't add Discord/Smogon PMs/whatever logs in your act call post, and we're Sunday and I'm going thru it and I am not able to verify your claims, the game is getting flipped.
This is basic stuff that most of you should know (and it's in the rules anyway) but I'm reiterating it so that we're all on the same page if you get flipped.

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hello, I'm not used to smogon tournaments and my English is not very good and I wanted to know if I could write here that I claimed an aw and I got no response from my opponent. the last time I did that I had to lose by coinflip and I don't want it to happen again so I would like to know if this time I did the necessary so that this kind of error does not happen again thank you in advance and for your understanding
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